Conceptual Design Phase

Goal is to expand the design space to include as many solutions as possible. Evaluate different approaches and selecting “best” one to move forward. Exploring “how”.

Common tasks

  • Conduct Functional Decomposition
  • Brainstorm several possible solutions
  • Create prototypes of multiple concepts, get feedback from users, refine specifications
  • Evaluate feasibility of potential solutions (proof-of-concept prototypes); select one to move forward
    • Interaction with users


3.1 Brainstorming with Scamper
3.2 Multiple Prototype
3.3 Prototype to Communicate
3.4 Testing and Redesign
3.5 Modifying and Budget
3.6 Revisit and Gantt Chart
3.7 Gate

Gate 3: Continue if project partner and advisor agree that solution space has been appropriately explored and the best solution has been chosen.