Engineering Education Research Labs

Researchers in the School of Engineering Education utilize dedicated laboratory space in Seng-Wang Hall on Northwestern Avenue. Located on the third floor, we have designed the 17,000 square foot facility with a user-centered design approach. The flexible space includes simulation classrooms with removable walls and a maker space, all in view of an observation room. Additional rooms include smart suites, interview suites, faculty laboratory suites, a large common space with kitchen and lockers, and suites dedicated to the incoming cohort and doctoral candidates as "quiet rooms" for writing. 

WANG Illustration with room layout
This illustration was created early in the process to share the news of our new laboratory space. 

Simulation Classroom
Simulation classrooms can be transformed for many uses. Above shows a faculty member meeting with her lab team - both in person and virtual. Below, the walls are opened for a summer teacher workshop. The photo is taken from the Observation Room into the Simulation Classroom.

View from Observation Room into Simulation Classroom


Maker Space
Faculty and graduate students meet in the Makers Lab to design objects to 3-D print. 

Quite Zone for Writing
As the sign indicates, graduate students use the "quiet zone" for writing.