Summer Courses for FYE Students

Almost all of the FYE courses are available for students to take in the summer; summer coursework can help students catch up, retake a course if needed, or may help students who enter FYE through the CODO process to move on to a professional school of engineering before the fall starts. Some sophomore level engineering courses are also typically available in the summer for students who want to get ahead.


The following FYE required courses are typically offered on the West Lafayette campus in the eight-week summer session (students should check MyPurdue for exact offerings each summer).

  • CHM 11500 and CHM 11600
  • COM 11400
  • CS 15900
  • ENGL 10600
  • ENGR 13200
  • MA 16100 and MA 16200
  • PHYS 17200

The following courses that are not required for FYE, but may be required for several engineering degree programs, are typically offered on the West Lafayette campus in the eight-week summer session (students should check MyPurdue for exact offerings each summer).

  • CE 35000 / EEE 35000
  • MFET 16300 and CM 16400
  • ECE 20001, ECE 20007, ECE 20002, and ECE 20008
  • IE 34300
  • MA 26100, MA 26200, MA 26500, MA 26600, and MA 30300
  • ME 20000, ME 27000, and ME 27400
  • PHYS 24100 and PHYS 27200


The summer session at Purdue (West Lafayette) is divided into three four-week modules. Module 1, sometimes called "Maymester" typically runs from mid-May through early June. The combined modules 2 and 3, sometimes called "regular summer session" typically runs from mid June through early August. Exact dates for each year are available on the Registrar's website. The same amount of material is covered during a Maymester or regular summer session course as in a standard 16-week semester (though classes meet more often during the week, or for longer class periods).

Regional Campuses

Purdue-West Lafayette students may want to take summer courses at Purdue regional campuses closer to home. The following courses can meet FYE requirements and are typically offered at the regional campuses in summer — students should consult the respective regional campus website for exact schedules and offerings. Unlike other transfer courses, regional campus courses and most technical courses at IUPUI will appear on a student's Purdue-West Lafayette transcript with a grade. Students may need to contact the FYE Advising office in mid-July if a regional campus summer course is pre-requisite to a fall course at West Lafayette in order to receive the override to register for the fall course. If a regional campus summer course is the final course required to complete the FYE plan of study, the student should contact an FYE Advisor as soon as possible after the grade is posted to the Purdue transcript. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an FYE Advisor prior to taking a Regional Campus course over the summer to ensure that the course will meet the student's educational goals and needs.


Interested students should apply through the Purdue-Northwest (PNW) website and should select Intercampus Transfer status on the application.

Purdue-Northwest Course Purdue West Lafayette Course Requirement Met
CHM 11500

CHM 11500

ECE 15200

CS 15900

ENGL 10100 or ENGL 10200

Written Communication Foundational Outcome

ENGL 10400 or ENGL 10500

Written Communication Foundational Outcome

ENGR 15100

ENGR 13200

ENGR 19000

ENGR 13100

MA 16300

MA 15100

MA 16400

MA 16200

MA 26100

MA 26100

PHYS 15200

PHYS 17200





Interested students should review the PFW web page for Temporary Intercampus Transfer Students.

  • CHM 11500 and CHM 11600
  • ENG W1310 (meets Written Communication Foundational Outcome)
  • MA 16500 and MA 16600

Other Summer Registration Information

  • You may register for up to four credit hours for Maymester and up to nine for the regular summer session.
  • If you take between six and nine credit hours for the summer, you will be charged a flat fee. If you take fewer than six credit hours or more than nine credit hours, you will be billed on a per credit-hour basis. A tuition calculator is available at
  • Summer housing and meal plan information is available from the University Residences Office at 494-1000.
  • You register for summer courses at the same time you register for your Fall courses.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020