Engineering Admissions Index (EAI) Calculation Rules

The EAI, along with the GPA and, in some cases, other factors, is used to determine the competitive admission from FYE into the Schools of Engineering. Students must have an earned EAI of at least 2.00 to complete FYE and enter a school. Some schools use higher limits.

In general, the EAI is analogous to the GPA, with two important distinctions:

  1. EAI includes only courses taken to meet FYE requirements.
  2. If a student meets an FYE requirement in more than one way, only one way will be used in calculating EAI

The rules presented below apply to students entering Purdue in Fall 2014 and later. Earlier entrants should consult with an FYE Advisor.

Courses included in the EAI

The EAI is determined using earned grades on courses used to meet FYE requirements, or approved substitutions. (For example, the Honors calculus course MA 18100 can meet FYE requirements for calculus, and therefore is included in the EAI). The FYE Advising Office has a current list of the courses that may be substituted for FYE requirements.

Transfer courses, AP credit courses, and other courses which do not include a Purdue grade are not included in the EAI calculation.

Choosing the course for EAI if more than one is available

In some cases, students may meet an FYE requirement in more than one way -- the most common is a student who will take more than one Science Selective course, usually both CHM 11600 and CS 15900. In these cases, only one course is used in the calculation of EAI, according to the following rules.

  1. For all requirements except the Science Selective, the grade used in calculating EAI is the most recent grade.
  2. For the Science Selective requirement: The grade used in calculating the EAI is the highest grade of all Science Selective courses other than ENGR 14100 or ENGR 14200 (if same grade, use course with most credits; if same grade and credits, use most recent course). It is possible that some students with credit in ENGR 14100 and 14200 will have no other Science Selective course to be included in EAI.
  3. If a student meets the requirement through a Purdue course and a non-graded course (e.g., transfer, AP, etc.), and the non-graded course is higher priority, then the non-graded course will remove the Science Selective requirement from the EAI calculation.