EEE Students Take Part In SURF

SURF is Purdue University's premiere Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. More than 100 students across engineering, science, and technology disciplines are given 11 weeks of financial support to focus on research for the summer while being mentored by both a faculty member and graduate student. Participants attend professional development and research seminars as well as present research discoveries at an end-of-summer symposium and poster session.


The research symposium provides a great opportunity for the Purdue community to learn more about the interesting and innovative research being conducted by undergraduates in various labs across campus. 

SURF is one program under the G.R.I.T.+ umbrella. "G.R.I.T.+” stands for “Global, Research, Industry, Teamwork and More.” It covers 8 experiential learning programs offering opportunities to gain valuable skills and experiences solving real-world research and design problems in venues spanning other countries, industrial sites and field locations. Participants collaborate with students, faculty, alumni, companies, and community organizations. To find out more, visit the G.R.I.T. website.

EEE student Jared France explains his poster on modeling impact of Engineering undergraduate experiences on student's conception of climate change and sustainability.
EEE student Maria Ramirez presents her research on the changes in flux of polyamide-based reverse osmosis membrane during the chloramination of halide containing waters.
EEE Student Nhu Pham presents her research on quagga mussel effects in deep waters.