Water Day 2019

In 1993, the United Nations has declared March 22 as World Water Day. Over 500 events were hosted around the world in 2019 to call awareness to water related issues, discuss the impact of these challenges, and inspire others to act. March 21, 2019 marked the second annual gathering of Water Day at Purdue.

Water Day, hosted by AQUAE, the Purdue student chapter of Indiana Section American Water Works Association (INAWWA) and Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA), and the Environmental and Ecological Engineering Graduate Student Organization (EEE GSO), brought together students and community members with exhibitors from industry, local non-profits, Purdue research groups, and Purdue service learning.

“In addition to sharing the global impact that water insecurity has on marginalized people groups, this year’s Water Day event seeks to broaden the scope of fields considered when it comes to water,” said Tolu Odimayomi, president of AQUAE, “Several sectors play a crucial role in how water is managed, and each should take part in discussions related to proper use and preservation.”

The INAWWA and IWEA young professionals promoted water careers and created a collaborative environment among professionals from consulting firms, water plants, and universities. Purdue faculty and students served as an example of how researchers are pushing to reduce water challenges. The Purdue service learning groups “Water Supply in Developing Countries” and “Solar Chapter Purdue” presented how they successfully improved water quality in rural areas of the Dominican Republic and Indonesia through sustainable practices.

The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant expressed how collaboration is essential to protect and preserve America’s coastline and water resources to create a sustainable economy and environment. Similarly, the Indiana Water Resources Research Center offered resources to address water management, use, and preservation.

AQUAE hopes Water Day inspired the attendees to magnify their impact in the fight towards water security through collaborative thinking. The exhibition provided an opportunity to network with people who share the same passion for protecting water as a fundamental and vulnerable natural resource.

“Do what you can, do it with others, and do it with passion” says Guy Ryder, Chair of UN-Water, on the power of individuals to change the world.

Water Day was organized by Tolu Odimayomi, Mackenzie Davies, Maithilee Das, Rasul Diop, Christian Ley, Sruthi Dasika, Omar Tantawi, Rachel Gehr, Nikhil Sangwan, and Jessica Puente Castro. We would like to thank our sponsors the Purdue Graduate Student Government, Purdue Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue Center for the Environment, and the Environmental and Ecological Engineering Graduate Student Organization for making this event possible.