Greetings from the Fehsenfeld Family Head

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Greetings from Purdue and welcome to the spring 2018 newsletter!

Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) is conducting innovative research with an impact. Much of this research is directed at improving the sustainability practices of major manufacturing companies and ultimately the lives of individuals around the world. And, through our research, we are engaging our undergraduate and graduate students -- by the way, in only two years our graduate program has grown to 42 students.

The inclusion of industrial sustainability in our education and research programs makes EEE unique relative to other environmental engineering programs around the world. The decision to make industrial sustainability an integral part of EEE requires us to adopt a systems perspective that bridges environmental engineering and other disciplines to design, manage, and operate industrial systems so they can exist in harmony with the environment. This approach is exemplified through three outstanding research efforts being led by EEE faculty:

  • Professor Andrew Whelton and his students are currently investigating the potential health risks of chemical emissions during a commonly-used water pipe repair technology. The next step for the Whelton team is to design a cost-effective eco-friendly repair technology. [Read More]
  • Professor Roshi Nateghi is working with a number of electric utilities to develop accurate predictive models of sever weather-induced power outages. Her models help the electric utilities better prepare for and respond to extreme weather and climate impacts on their distribution systems. Her efforts will now also be supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). [Read More]
  • Through NSF support, Professor Fu Zhao is developing methods to design manufacturing equipment that is smarter and uses less energy. Such methods will obviously benefit machine tool builders and consume less energy.

Under the 16 faculty members in EEE, our graduate students continue to excel in both education and research. I, along with you, look forward to exciting days ahead as EEE grows and makes an even greater positive impact.


Hail Purdue!

John W. Sutherland
Professor and Fehsenfeld Family Head