New Courses

The EEE department is introducing three new courses in Spring 2016: Environmental Chemodynamics, Industrial Sustainability Lab, and Environmental and Ecological Engineering Case Stories.

EEE 39500: Environmental Chemodynamics

This class introduces students to chemical thermodynamics and general equilibrium processes in environmental and ecological engineering systems.  In the curriculum it is an alternative option to taking ME 200 (Thermodynamics I), as it covers many basic thermodynamic principals, in addition to chemical thermodynamic principals.  Emphasis is on understanding and conceptualizing important processes, and competency in thermodynamic calculations.  Topics covered will include: the first and second laws of thermodynamics, introduction to the properties of pure substances, ideal and real gasses, thermodynamic cycles and processes, heat transfer and combustion, and chemical equilibrium in aquatic solutions.  

EEE 36000: Industrial Sustainability Lab

This course is an introduction to laboratory methods of analysis of Environmental and Ecological Engineering systems. Topics will change from semester to semester and will be announced in advance. The list of possible topics includes experimental design, treatment of data, the analytical determination of chemical and biological constituents in water, soil, and air; analysis of environmental and ecological engineering processes; analysis of life-cycle characteristics and impacts of consumer products and commodities; methods of prevention and remediation of manufacturing waste streams.

EEE 59500: Environmental and Ecological Engineering Case Stories

Environmental and Ecological Engineering Case Stories is a series of three 5-week modules designed to introduce the students in the graduate program to the EEE faculty. Two or more professors from complimentary backgrounds teach a brief course designed around a real world situation.  For the coming spring semester the courses are Direct Potabilization of water with Professors Blatchley and Zhou, Recovering Value of Solid Waste with Professors Hua and Mashtare, and Discovering Green Chemistry with Professors Shah and Zhao. The course will be offered in the Spring and Fall with different faculty and case stories.