Graduate Program in EEE Approved

In August Master's and PhD degrees were approved in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. This is an important milestone as EEE approaches its 10th anniversary next year. These degrees add a new option to students at Purdue at a time when employment is projected to grow significantly in the next decade. About half of surveyed environmental engineers assert that an advanced degree is necessary for their job. The target size of the program is 90 students.


What distinguishes EEE from other programs is the objective to educate students about modern environmental engineering practice and industrial sustainability.  A foundation of this learning will be delivered in innovative courses based on “case stories” taught in-context in six 1-credit modules (described in more detail under New Courses: EEE 59500).  Based on complementary interests and expertise, the EEE faculty members have paired off and are offering the first three modules starting in January 2016.  The course titles are Direct Potabilization, Recovering Value from Solid Waste, and Discovery Green Chemistry.


Prospective EEE graduate students may contact for more information.