Alumni News

See what EEE students do after graduation with a personal statement from three EEE alumnae.

 Rachel Levine graduated in 2014

"Since graduating from the EEE program, I have begun pursuing a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska. In the past year, I have become the Vice President of the University of Nebraska Chapter of the American Water Works Association, and a recipient of the Mohr Fellowship for academic achievement. My research currently focuses on antibiotic resistance and degradation pathways in wastewater. I plan to graduate with my Masters this summer and will most likely pursue a MBA thereafter."


Stephen Kelly graduated in 2012

"After majoring in Environmental and Ecological Engineering at Purdue, I went on to work for Exxon Mobil Corporation for 3 years managing multimillion dollar heritage environmental cleanup projects. I now work for Phillips 66, managing compliance for several complex EPA regulations at one of their largest refineries. Purdue's EEE program has been a strong foundation for these challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Hail Purdue!"


Amber Porter graduated in 2011

“After graduating from Purdue, I started working as a Water Resources Engineer at Strand Associates.  I work primarily on storm water and green infrastructure design projects, but have also had opportunities in marketing, recruiting, and construction observation.  I love the perspective the EEE program gave me – it allows me to think about problems from a holistic perspective and has been helpful in contributing to designing innovative solutions to challenging problems.  I live in Columbus, Indiana with my husband (a Purdue CE grad) and two dogs.  In my free time, I like riding my bike, hiking, doing yoga, and volunteering in our community.”