New EEE Courses

EEE offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Ecological Engineering degree as well as a minor in EEE; as well as a new graduate program beginning in Fall 2015. The undergraduate degree program was ranked 12th in the U.S. this year. Two new courses debuted Fall 2013 and were such a success that they have now been made part of the required curriculum.

EEE 29000: Introduction to Environmental and Ecological Engineering Seminar

The instructors are Drs. Engelberth and Howarter, but all EEE faculty will participate. This is a 1 credit course that all incoming sophomores will be required to take. It consists of lectures and discussions introducing students to EEE and professional planning. Topics include:

  • Planning a course of study
  • Internship, coops, research, study abroad opportunities
  • Career planning and placement skills
  • Professional responsibility and ethics
  • Functioning as a professional

EEE 36000: EEE Laboratory

This class will be taught with varying titles in a number of different formats with different instructors. The class will consist of modules of 1 to 3 credits. For Fall 2014, there will be one module for 3 credits taught by Dr. Jafvert (EEE Laboratory). Topics that will be covered in the various modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Experimental design
  • Treatment of data
  • Analytical determination of chemical and biological constituents in water, soil, and air
  • Analysis of environmental and ecological engineering processes
  • Analysis of life-cycle characteristics and impacts of consumer products and commodities
  • Methods of prevention and remediation of manufacturing waste streams