Zope: ECN System Tools

What are ECN System Tools?

ECN has developed a set of tools help with common tasks within the Web Cluster Environment. These tasks include creating a protected/restricted folder, adding authorization for site maintainers, looking up qualified names, etc.

ECN will continue to add new system tools as the need arises.

Accessing the ECN System Tools

Add "system" to the end of the URL for the folder where you wish to use the system tools. For example, if to use ECN System Tools in the ECN folder type the URL http://eng.purdue.edu/ECN/system in your web browser. To use ECN System Tools within your personal folder type the URL http://eng.purdue.edu/people/john.doe.1/system where john.doe.1 is your qualified name.

This will load a web page with a list of tools ECN has created. These are organized into sections.

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