Zope: Creating a Restricted Folder

What is a Restricted Folder

A restricted folder is a section of a site with access restricted to a specific list of people.

How do I create a Restricted Folder

Creating a restricted folder involves creating a folder, limiting access to users with a specific role, and assigning the users you want to have access that role.

Fortunately ECN has created a tool to create a Restricted Folder for you. This is part of the

ECN System Tools.

Open the Zope Management Interface for the folder where you would like to create a restricted sub-folder. Once the page has loaded add "system" to the URL in the location bar of the browser and press Enter.





A screen with several options will load. These are the ECN System Tools.

Screenshot of Security Tools page.

Click the link titled, "Create a Restricted Folder". This will load a detailed description of what the tool will do.

Screenshot of Create a Restricted Folder page.

After you have read the details click the button titled, "Create a Restricted Folder". This will return you to the Zope Management Interface for your folder. You will now see a new Folder with the Id "Restricted".

Click on the Restricted folder. There are two objects created by default: a Python Script named authorize and a Persistent List named authorizeAllowedUsers. Add fully qualified names from the Purdue Electronic Directory to the authorizeAllowedUsers list to grant access to your restricted site.

Screenshot of list of Users Allowed to View page.

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