Zope: Creating a Personal Web Site

About Zope

Personal Sites on the Engineering Web Cluster are available to everyone who has a Purdue Directory login and password. The URL to your site will be "http://engineering.purdue.edu/people/qualified_name/" where qualified_name is your qualified name from the Purdue directory. For example:


Zope includes a set of web pages with options for creating and maintaining your web site. This set of web pages is called the Zope Management Interface. Because the Zope Management Interface is available on the web you will be able to make changes to your web site from any computer with an internet connection. You may also wish to use other tools available for accessing Zope.

Because editing and creating your web site is done on the web, some knowledge of how to create a web page is required. Text and image formatting are done using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). ECN has a very basic introduction to HTML available.


Getting Started

First open a new window to use during this example. Within your new window open http://eng.purdue.edu/people/. You will see a page with a list of users sites.

Main Personal Folder ScreenShot

Click on the link titled Folder options for Purdue People. You will be prompted to login. Login using your Purdue Directory login and password.

Zope Login Box

Since your folder (web site) does not yet exist the only Folder Option you have is Create your personal folder. Click the Create your personal folder link.

Create your personal folder

Congratulations! Your folder has been created!

You will then be taken to the Folder Options screen for your folder. From there you can Manage your folder, View your website, or create a site from a default template.

Personal Folder Options

See Creating my first Web Page in Zope to get started designing your site.

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