Zope: Changing the Type of an Object

When files are uploaded using WebDAV the type of Zope object created is determined by the Zope PUT Factory. Sometimes the types created are not the types that are desired and it would be nice to be able to change the type of the objects. Unfortunately, Zope has no system built in to change the type of a Zope Object once it has been created.

Fortunately, ECN has developed ECN System Tools to fill some of the short comings of Zope. Once of these ECN System Tools. The tool is capable of doing batch conversions between the following types: File, DTML Document, Page Template, and HTML Document.

To convert objects in a folder from one type to another open the Zope Management Interface for the folder containing the objects you want to convert. Once the page has loaded add "system" to the end of the URL in the location bar of the browser and press Enter.




A screen with several options will load. These are the ECN System Tools. Click the link titled, "Convert Zope Objects from one type to another". This will load the conversion tool with options on what to convert.

Follow the directions on this page to complete the process.

Note: All security settings will return to the defaults. If you have changed the security settings on any of the pages you are converting, you will need to set them again after the conversion.

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