Zope: Accessing the Zope Management Interface

Zope includes a set of web pages with options for creating and maintaining your web site. This set of web pages is called the "Zope Management Interface." These options for creating and managing web pages can be accessed from any web browser.

To access the Zope Management Interface go to the web site you wish to edit and add "/manage" to the end of the URL. For example if you would like to view the Zope Management Interface for the "Schools of Engineering" home page you would add "manage" to the URL for that site:




It will look like there is a document called "manage" in every folder in Zope.

The first time you access the "Zope Management Interface," Zope will ask you for your login and password. Log in using your Purdue directory login and password. The options available to you will vary depending on the permissions you have for the site you are managing. An average student would not be able to do anything other than browse files inside of the "Schools of Engineering" site. The Deans of Engineering may have full access to Add, Edit, Delete, and even change other peoples permissions within the site.

Follow the directions for


Creating a Personal Folder. Once your folder is created try accessing your site by appending "manage" to your URL. Example:



You may also click the "Manage your folder (With Frames)" link on your Folder Options page. Note the URL in the location bar. Specifically note that the URL ends with "manage".

Once you have logged in you will see several tabs across the top. Each tab represents a different management screen. "Contents" is the default tab for a Folder object.

Directly below the management tabs is the title bar. This should contain a folder icon and read something like "Folder at /people/qualified_name". This lets you know that you are currently editing a Folder object. Navigate up to the folder above your folder, in this case the "people" folder by clicking on the "people" link in the title bar.

This takes you to the management options for the people folder. Scroll down until you find until you find a folder icon with your name beside it. Click on your name. This takes you back to the Management Screen for your folder.

All Zope management screens should have management tabs and a title bar. Content below the title bar can change dramatically between different types of objects.

Folder Zope Management Interface

Try clicking on each of the tabs at the top to get an idea what each tab offers. You can always return to this first view by clicking the "Contents" tab.

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