ECN Accounts: Finding Your Server Name

ECN has dozens of servers, network computers simultaneously used by many people for processing and file storage. Every ECN user has an account, and your account's files (e.g. your home directory, the data you have created and stored, your software preference files, and, for some people, your e-mail) are stored on a specific server.

Each server's name looks something like this:

There are many ECN mail servers, including dynamo, fairway, gilbreth, helios, min, shay, synergy, and lots of others -- but only one specific server is your ECN "home server."

Here are a couple of ways to determine your specific ECN home server.



ECN-supported Windows PCs


On an ECN-supported Windows computer, open "My Computer" and locate your "U:" drive. The drive's name will be something like this:

username on 'Samba 3.0.25b (' (U:) 

The server name shown there is your home server.



ECN-supported Linux computers


On an ECN-supported Unix or Linux computer

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Make sure that you are in your home directory by typing cd
  3. Type pwd

This will display the "path" of your home directory, including the name of your home server. For example:



If you are using a "self-supported" computer and/or need assistance determining your ECN home server, please contact us.


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