Windows 8 Status

Windows 7 is the University's current operating system. Faculty and staff who opt to purchase desktop and/or laptop models which require the use of Windows 8 (or Surface Pro; see below) should note that such models will have limited support as described in the "Self-supported PC" section.

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Surface Pro vs. Surface RT: Not the same

Windows RT is a variant of the Windows operating system designed to run only on Surface RTs. Windows RT will not run software written for traditional Windows versions. Although Windows RT is cosmetically similar to Windows 8, software written for one is incompatible with the other.

Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablet models run Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1); the hardware is built around Intel processors. These models should be able to run software written for traditional Windows versions like Windows 7 -- but your mileage may vary.

Do not purchase a Surface RT unless you know exactly what you are getting. A Surface Pro is a much safer bet.


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