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Using iWork Applications on a PC via iCloud (Web Based)

Working on Document(s)

(For instructions on how to set up iCloud Drive in order to begin using iWork applications online, refer to this article: Please note that iCloud Drive is still in beta-- not all of its features will be available when working with documents.)

Navigate to ( and choose the program you would like to use (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).

At the top of your screen, click the gear icon and choose "Upload Document." From there, navigate to a shared department drive and select the document you would like to edit. Or you can always drag and drop Word or Excel files from your PC into your browser page and edit them from there. The files will then appear across all your devices when using iCloud as well.

Click "Open" and the file(s) will be uploaded to iCloud Drive for you to work on.

Once you've completed working on your document, you'll need to download the file and then copy it back to the original share space location you navigated to previously. To download the file, just navigate back to the homepage of the application you are using (this will be a browser tab titled iCloud-Pages, iCloud-Numbers, etc.), and right click the file you edited. Select Download Document, and choose the desired file type. This file will now be downloaded to your default Internet browser download location. This may be your C:\Temp directory or your Downloads folder-- depending on how you configured your PC. Once you've located the file, find the original share drive you grabbed the file from and copy it back with the new naming scheme.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the changes you make in iCloud Drive are NOT automatically saved to your share space. You must manually replace the old file with the recently edited one. With your coworkers, you may need to work out a plan for these documents on your shared drive to differentiate final drafts from other revisions-- perhaps a naming scheme which includes both dates and initials or usernames.

For security purposes, if there is any sensitive/proprietary information in your documents, the files should be removed from iCloud Drive after editing. This is done on the application homepage by selecting the file(s) to be deleted, clicking on the gear icon, clicking Delete Document, and lastly, confirming the deletion of files from all iCloud devices.


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