Using ITaP Go Remote software to access OnePurdue Portal

Utilizing ITaP’s Go Remote Services

Navigate to

If the Citrix Client has been installed on your machine proceed to the next step.  If not, please do the following:

  • a.    Select “Download clients from the Citrix client download site” under the “Message Center” display.  (Note:  A new browser window or tab will appear, navigating to Citrix’s download site.)
  • b.    Select “Clients”.
  • c.    Select the Client download that best fits your machine.  (For example:  Using a Macintosh system, you would select “OS X”.)
  • d.    Once the Client has been downloaded and installed, proceed to the next step.


Login to Software Remote using your Career Account credentials.

login portal screen


Once logged in, you will be able to see all of the software available using Go Remote.

 Image of folders

(The following is for users needing to access the OnePurdue Portal on a Macintosh System.)

Once the steps above have been completed to use Go Remote, select “OnePurdue Portal” from the Applications list.
             Note: Safari is needed for full functionality of Go Remote Software.
             (A certificate will also appear, when loading any Go Remote Application for the first time.  Accept the certificate to continue

             using the Go Remote application.)

Once the Application loads, an Internet Explorer window will load with the OnePurdue Login page.



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