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VeraCrypt can be installed on non-domain computers from

If you are using a domain computer that does not have VeraCrypt installed, please let us know via


Beginners Tutorial

How to create and use a VeraCrypt Container (file).

.  Launch VeraCrypt and click Create Volume.

.  Make sure Create an encrypted file container is checked and click Next.

.  Choose Standard VeraCrypt volume and click Next.

.  Click on Select File... This will be the location of the encrypted container.  The container is actually a file with a specified size that VeraCrypt uses to store your encrypted files in.  Once this file/container is created it can be deleted, copied and moved just like any other file.  Be careful where you choose to store this file.  We suggest storing it in your ECN home folder of U:\Personal.  Don't use an existing file name because it will be overwritten.  You won't use this to encrypt existing files but you can move existing files to this encrypted container once we are finished.  In this example I named the file U:\Personal\test

.  Choosing the default options for Encryption Algorithm and Hash Algorithm is sufficient for most users so that is what we'll focus on here.  For more information on these subjects there are links located in each section.

.  Choose the size of the file storage container.  Be careful because this will count against your ECN and other space quota.

.  Choose a good password that you can remember.  Some suggestions are provided on the password page.  We won't worry about Use keyfiles or Display password options here.

.  Now it is ready to format your volume/container/file.  we will choose the defaults on this page also.  Read the IMPORTANT: caption below about randomly moving your mouse about the window.  Now click Format.

.  Your volume has been created and is ready to be mounted as an available drive letter.  If you click Next on the notification window and it starts back at the creation wizard window you can just Cancel at this point.\

.  Highlight an available drive letter from the list.  Click the Select File button.  Browse to the newly created file and choose it, in this example I chose N:\Personal\test.  Click on the Mount button.

.  Enter your password and it should open an Explorer window to your newly created Local Disk drive letter.  This is actually the VeraCrypt Container/file that has been mounted as a Volume and given the drive letter you specified.

.  You can now freely move files into and out of your encrypted drive.  VeraCrypt will Encrypt and Decrypt the files on-the-fly for you as you move them in and out.  Even if you close the Explorer window to your encrypted drive it is still mounted and accessible to save and copy files to until you manually Dismount it or restart your computer.

.  To Dismount an Encrypted volume simply start VeraCrypt and click the Dismount All button. 

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