Student PCs available for RDP

Steps to use an ECN Lab Machine via RDP

  1. Make sure you are on the Purdue VPN (either or, as described in the KB:

  1. Depending on your Operating System:

    1. If you are using a Windows PC, you can download and install the linked helper application from the RemoteAvailability page in step 8. It is not a signed application certified by Microsoft, so you may get an installation warning.

    2. If you using MacOS or Linux, check the documentation linked at the RemoteAvailability page in step 8.

  2. In the Search box, start typing the name of the lab in which you would typically work, for example, ARMS2106 or KNOY340.

  3. Click on a green box containing the name of the lab pc or use it with the instructions in the KB for Mac or Linux.
    If you are setting up your connection manually using the RDP setup KBs, append to the machine name in the green button, eg

  4. Note that the RDP access follows the same restrictions as the physical labs - so, for example, CE Students cannot use KNOY machines unless they are taking Polytech classes, etc

  5. The RemoteAvailability Page at Step 8 only displays available computers. If you don’t see a machine available, try back in a half hour.

  6. To try and address equity, we have set a timeout for use, so idle connections will be dropped. Our apologies, but we have no other way to ensure fairness.

  7. Navigate to the page



Remember this is a shared resource - please be considerate to your fellow students.

The page does NOT consider lab restrictions; you may see a lab/machine on this page that you don't have access to already.




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