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Storage Options


This page attempts to capture some of the bewildering array of storage options available to you as a Purdue person. Each option is tailored for different purposes, so our recommendations for what you should use will depend on your intended purpose. A large portion of this same information is also available at: - provided so you can have another way of looking through and parsing this information.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you know the type of data you are handling!

Go to: and make sure you are choosing the appropriate method to store your data. Then, return to this page and continue on!

Personal Space aka "HomeDirectory":

All Purdue people have storage space provided by ITaP - these are referred to as "Career account space" "Myhome space" or "ITaP homedirectory". Engr and Polytechnic majors have 25GB of space there. Quota usage can be viewed at    

Most ECN Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff, PostDocs and Visiting Scholars have access to additional storage on one or more of various other storage servers, provided variously by the College, the individual School or Department, or, often, the Major Professor (for Research storage).

Instructions on mapping these as drives are available at for PCs, and for machines running MacOS.

Given the vast array of options available, your best bet is to ask us:, and we'll provide you the required information to access the space.

Some examples of Departmental server storage space


  • AAE: roger
  • ABE: pasture, danpatch
  • BME: weldon
  • CE: bridge
  • ChE: atom
  • ECE: dynamo,min
  • EEE: green
  • ENE: eagle
  • IE: gilbreth
  • ME: tools
  • MSE: materials
  • NE: helios

Polytechnic Institute: techstor1, techwin

EVPRP/DP: synergy

Shared Space:


ECN can assist you with getting small shares on your departmental homeserver or some common machines, as available. Typical share sizes are in the 50-100GB range. 

ECN can also assist you with purchasing your own file storage that we can maintain for the sole use of your group: These typically run about $7000 for 8-10 TB of space, it'll last for about 5-7 years. Tape Backup ("archival grade") costs vary depending on whether your organization picks up the costs or not.

Contact us via and we'll set up a time to discuss your specific needs.

At ITaP:

Departmental file storage is offered by ITAP for setting up shared space.  This is helpful for shared file storage that would be used across departments and or schools and the maximum share size is much larger than what is allowed on ECN departmental servers.  The cost per GB is 14 cents.  Additional details can be found here:


The Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (The Research Computing arm at ITaP - RCAC) has several options that are specifically tailored towards research computation and storage needs. RCAC maintains a useful Data Storage Solutions Finder tool that interactively offers recommendations for Purdue solutions appropriate to your usage needs and data security constraints - this can be found at

(For example, the Purdue Data Depot allows research groups to purchase space @ $75/year/TB - mirrored (not archived to tape). You can either store copies separately or archive to fortress.itap at no cost.  You can try a 100GB share at no cost. See for details.)

At Purdue Libraries:

Purdue Libraries runs the Purdue University Research Repository ("PURR") 
PURR is backed up to tape ("archival grade"); and also provides several additional features designed to help you with your publications. See for details.

For: FERPA, HIPAA, Confidential data, IRB, etc:

  1. Request a REED folder at
  2. It will get an email to an RCAC contact. The contact will ask them to download and fill out a questionnaire that needs to be sent *EXACTLY* to the people in the To: and CC: lines. Just for your info, this is the REED DUA REQUEST. It should be sent AFTER the request has been generated, and upon request.
  3. Say what kind of data, what the Data Usage Agreement is like, and, note if there are external collaborators. Depending on the DUA, they will either be added to the share, or will need Purdue R4Ps.
  4. Once ITSP has approved your request, RCAC will create your folder and arrange for training for the requestor and group.


At any point, if you need assistance with these options, please don't hesitate to contact ECN via

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