Statewide Videoconferencing Unit locations and IPs


Anderson: TVNA-F250 IP:

Anderson: TVNA-F272 IP:

Columbus: CO-IT-AMCE-118 IP:

Columbus: CO-IT-AMCE-105 IP:

Greensburg: TVNG-GBLC13 IP:

Indianapolis: TVNI-ATC1 103 IP:

Kokomo: TVNK-KC139a IP:

Kokomo: TVNK-KC250 IP:

Lafayette (SIA): Lafayette (SIA) IP:

New Albany: TVNNA-N1106 IP:

New Albany: TVNNA-N1136 IP:

Richmond: TVNR-TR130 IP:

Richmond: TVNR-TR214 IP:

South Bend: TVNSB-TB215 IP:

South Bend: TVNSB-TB230 IP:

West Lafayette: TVNWL-K202 IP: (in KNOY 202)

West Lafayette: TVNWL-K256 IP: (in KNOY 256)

West Lafayette: SOTWL-K416 IP: (in KNOY 416)

West Lafayette: Y324 IP: (in YONG 324)

West Lafayette: TVNWL-Y447 IP: (in YONG 447)

Vincennes: TCNVU-107a IP:

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