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AV Systems at Statewide Lafayette's SIA Training Center Classrooms

AV Systems at Statewide Lafayette's SIA Training Center Classrooms

There are 4 layouts for the AV systems at Statewide Lafayette's SIA TRC.  Please see below for pictures and tips for how to use them.

If you still have problems, you can ask the Purdue staff at SIA for assistance if they are available.  If they are not available, you can let ECN know at or email the Purdue staff at SIA plus swtsite (at symbol)

Troubleshooting steps for getting computers to output to the projector is available at Classroom Equipment Setup.pdf (which might be printed out and laminated on each lectern).



Room A

Picture of the AV system in Room A

Room A's AV system is located in the wooden instruction podium.  On this model, the buttons are well-labeled - you want to be sure that the projector is on, the Kramer system is on and that "VGA 2" is lit up in order to show content from the VGA cable available to plug laptops into.  You should never need to change the projector input unless somebody has messed with it.


Room B and C

Room B and C have AV systems in the wooden cabinet by the door.  They also have a monitor that duplicates the content that should be displayed on the projector.  The Kramer system is not well-labeled here, and is reversed from Room A - VGA 1 is the laptop input.

So, to send video from the laptop to the projector, you must make sure that the projector is on, the Kramer system is on and that "VGA 1" button is lit up.


Room E, classrooms in the TTC

Room E and the classrooms in the TTC just have projectors and VGA cables running to them, with no laptop as part of the setup.  If you want to display content from your laptop, please connect it to the VGA cable coming from the wall.  The projector should be on and set to "computer 1" or "VGA"


TRC Auditorium

The auditorium setup is completely managed by SIA.  Currently, the system is all run from the west half of the auditorium.  Please discuss your needs with the Purdue staff at SIA.

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