Slowness in PCs

We have noticed an issue with most modern Windows OSes where the entire PC freezes for about 3-5 seconds, and then continues working as expected after that time. We have found a few distinctly different solutions to this issue, each of which could completely resolve the problem.

1. Turn off animations in Windows
   a. Click the Start menu, type SystemPropertiesPerformance and hit Enter
   b. In the Performance Options window, under the Visual Effects tab, locate and uncheck Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing.
   c. Click Apply and Okay


2. Outlook Setting Change
   a. Within Outlook
   b. Click File Menu, Options, Advanced
   c. Check box to "Disable hardware graphics acceleration, Click Ok
   d. Click File, Account Settings, Account Settings, Data Files, Settings, click your name, Advanced, Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook Data File Settings, Click on the OST file, click "Compact Now"


3. Adjust page file size  (Requires Admin Access)
   a. Right click on Computer (under start menu) and open Properties; Note Installed Memory (RAM) under System section.
   b. Click the Start menu, type SystemPropertiesPerformance and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter - enter administrator password if prompted.
   c. Under "Virtual memory", click Change
   d. Uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives"
   e. Highlight your system drive
   f.  Select Custom Size
   g. Change the Initial size value and the Maximum size value to  2x - 3x the amount of RAM you have. ie, if you have 8 GB RAM (8000 MB), set the initial  to 16000 and the max to 24000 MB.
   h. IMPORTANT: Click Set   i. Finally click Apply/OK all the way; reboot for this to take effect.


4. Adjust to max number of processors in msconfig (Requires Admin Access)
   a. Click the Start menu, type msconfig, and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter - enter administrator password if prompted.
   b. Click Boot tab
   c. Click Advanced options
   d. Check "Number of processors:"
   e. Change the number to the max allowed


5. Run HDTune and DiskFresh
If the machine has an SSD, set up a time with @GHG and the user of the affected machine so that we can RDP in, run HDTune & DiskFresh if needed (in order to clear the SSD of what GHG calls "BitRot").


6. See if removing the VoIP phone between the PIC and the PC makes any difference

7. Excel Setting Change (Do not do this except as a last resort, and be ready to undo it at short notice)
  a. Within Excel
  b. Click Options, Advanced, General
  c. Check "Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)", Click Ok

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