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Skype should never be used for the transmission of sensitive business communications.  

When a Skype communication is sent from one user to another it leaves our environment and passes through public Skype servers before arriving at its destination.

Because of this it is never a good idea to use Skype for the sending of sensitive business data and/or intellectual properties.

At no time should you consider your Skype communications private.

By default Skype is installed to allow Chats, Files, Videos and the like to be sent to you from anyone who has a Skype account.

This becomes a security as well as a privacy issue.


How to make Skype more Private and Secure

After the initial install there are a few quick Privacy settings changes that you can make to help secure your desktop environment.

Start by launching Skype and clicking on Tools, choosing Options, then Privacy.

You should see something similar to the following:

Screenshot of Skype options window.


From this settings page you can easily restrict communications from anyone who is not in your contact list.


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