Setting up devices to send e-mail

When configuring a device to send e-mail, such as a multi-function printer/scanner system, use the following advice to set up the e-mail relay host.

The idea is that a device needs to send e-mail reliably. To do this, it would be beneficial if the device used the name of the e-mail relay hosts instead of a single IP address so that if the e-mail relay host is down, the name will translate into multiple IP addresses and the device will try multiple servers.

So here is the recommendation:

1. The device should be added to the access list on one of our servers (harbor) and have an name associated with its IP address, or it will be slow or troublesome sending e-mail. To allocate a hostname, send a request to the ECN software staff.

2a. If the device can be programmed with a host name, the device should set the e-mail relay host to:

Do not use the host name - requires authentication always. Also, do not use the specific e-mail relay hosts named (such as mx01, mx02, etc.) as they translate into a single IP address and become a single point of failure.

2b. If the device can only be programmed with an IP address, use one or more of the following addresses: (MSEE 130H) (MATH B60) (MATH B60) (FREH G2) (FREH G2)

Pick one with the same subnet, and/or pick one in the same or closest building. Hopefully this will help the device be more successful in reaching an available e-mail relay host.

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