Setting up devices to send e-mail

When configuring a device to send e-mail, such as a multi-function printer/scanner system, use the following advice to set up the e-mail relay host.


Here is the step to setup the feature:

1. Hostfile and DHCP reservation

The printers on ECN network should all be on DHCP. If the printer is on 128.46.x.x or 128.210.x.x subnet, it should be added to the "access" file on one of our servers (harbor) and be emailed to, attn: messaging to be added to IronPort. The entire private printer subnet 10.163.x.x is already listed in the "access" file.

2. SMTP settings on the printer

SMTP server:

Port: 25

Split emails: 0

Enable SMTP SSL/TLS Protocol: NO

Requires Authentication: NO

3. "from" address on the printer



Troubleshoot: (for the printers on 128.46.x.x and 128.210.x.x)

1) Check ACLs settings (subnet gateway and smtp IP address might need to be added)

2) Check DNS settings (might need to manually configure if the auto configure from DHCP didn't work)

3) Access file on harbor at /usr/share/adm/config/os/common - if it needs to be added here, it also needs to be emailed to, attn: messaging to be added to IronPort.

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