Running X Applications via SSH and XMing or Cygwin in Windows

To run X applications in Windows, please follow these steps:

  1. Start the X server program: XMing or Cygwin (If you do not have any installed, you can download Cygwin/X at, if your computer is self-supported or personally-owned)
  2. For Cygwin, a bash shell window will open.  DO NOT USE THIS WINDOW!  Also, a black 'X' will appear in the toolbar in the lower-right corner of the taskbar.  That indicates that Cygwin-X is running.
  3. Use SecureCRT to connect to the server where you will be running the software. (SecureCRT is pre-installed on ECN-supported Windows PCs. If you are using a "self-supported" or personally-owned computer, you may download SecureCRT.)
  4. Make sure that SecureCRT has X11 packet forwarding set. You can do that in SecureCRT by clicking:  Options->Sessions Options, then expanding the menus Connection->Port Forwarding->Remote/X11, and checking the Forward X11 packets box.  You should only need to set this once, if you save your settings after setting X11 forwarding (Options->Save Settings Now). See Fig 1.
  5. After entering your login and password, run the X application from the SecureCRT window.

If you have any problems with starting the X application, try running a different X application in order to confirm that the X-server and SecureCRT are working.  You can try running xclock (/usr/bin/xclock) to see if it works.  Also, make sure that SecureCRT has X11 forwarding turned on.  

Screenshot of enabling X11 forwarding

Fig 1

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