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Requesting Initial Backup Services

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You can direct people to the public web page:


There is an online form that is being developed at


PC and Unix Backups

Initial one time hardware and software costs*:
     -- $ 161.00 [NBU software license fee] -- workstation price
     -- $ 10.00/GB [One time charge per unit gigabyte based on size of disk(s) added to backed up]

OmniBack services are available for backups by sending mail to the ECN queue:

This mail is sent to the "backup" queue, which is read by George Goble, Stacey Clark, and Pam Hiner. (Anything qpriority "5" is Pam's...)

Machines to be backed up need to be on a fast network connection. When ordering PDN wiring, pick "100 Base-T".

Information needed includes:

Name and location of the machine:
IP address:
User Name/Contact Name for the machine:
Type of machine (PC, Sun, etc.):
Formatted Disk Capacity of the machine** :
Operating System:
Account number and verification of approval for use. (see below)
(To charge for tapes/license fees.)


* Due to price fluctuations the prices may not be accurate.

** To figure out the disk space:

  • On a Sun Unix machine type: df -kl
  • on HP's use: bdf
  • and on a PC: double click on "My Computer" and right click on the C: drive, and pick "Properties" to find the Capacity.
    Do the same thing for other drives backed up, such as D:, then add the total Capacity.

Note:  Solaris X86 machines have seen a problem restoring directories with spaces in their name. The restore may need to go to a 2nd machine, then be copied to the X86 machine.

Note:  OmniBack works on Windows NT, 2000 and XP machines .

MacIntosh Backup Information

ECN has purchased equipment for setting up a Macintosh backup system. This system replaces the old MacDump system which has been used for many years but is in need of replacement and will be retired. The backup system is ready to use now. In order for ECN to add a Macintosh the new backup system, we will need the following information from you or your site specialist to set this up.

    Mac Model:
    OS Version:  
    Hard Drive Size:
    AppleTalk Name:
    IP Address:
    User Phone #:
    Account Number:

The cost for backups is as follows:

    Client Software: 		$14.50
    Charge per GB Drive Space:	$10.00

If you have a 4GB drive on your Macintosh that you would like backed up, the cost would be $14.50 + 4 * $10 or $54.50. This is a one-time charge for the life of your hard drive. If you replace the hard drive with a bigger drive, there will be a new one-time charge for your new drive of $10 per GB. Additionally, as with the PCs being backed up, the Macintosh should be on at least a 10MB switched PDN PIC for hard drives up to 3GB in size, and on 100MB switched PDN PICs for hard drives greater than 3GB in order to be backed up. Requests for backup can be sent via email to, as they currently are for the other platforms. Once the request is received, we will make arrangements to install the client software on your Macintosh and schedule backups on your machine. We currently offer weekly backups while we are bringing up the system.

Original Mac text by Todd Birchman []
Modified by Stacey Clark [] 

Non-Ten-Funds Require Documentation

From: Pam Hiner 
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:33:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: need to include proof of authorization

I have been reminded by the business office, that we MUST have the email authorization from the PI of an account (non 010 funds) for supporting backup documentation for recharges. Therefore, please be sure that any email or queue item entries include the request from the Professor or PI for the items (ie. hubs, etc) or services (backup, etc.) and their authorization to use the stated account number. I cannot use as backup documentation a queue item or email that simply says please use account number XXX per Prof. XXXX.

If we do not have the authorization from the Prof/PI and they question/refuse the charges, then ECN will have to absorb the charge. This situation arose on a recent jv I did for recharging some hubs, the email said use account # 500-XXXX-XXXX from a Site Specialist and the Prof in charge of the account questioned it. Fortunately, this incident was resolved when the Prof. finally remembered that he received the item.

Therefore, I appreciate your future help in making sure all authorizations are in place before items/services are rendered. Please include the Prof. email in any correspondence to me or in queue entries where recharging is required.


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