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PuTTy SSH Client: Using PuTTy

To Connect To ECN Servers From MS Windows via Secure Software

Run Secure Connection Software in Place of Telnet.

To Connect to ECN host machines via a secure connection from an MS Windows machine that does not have SSH secure connection client software, click PuTTy (this is version 0.57. For the most current version please check here) and:


  1. If using Internet Explorer, run the PuTTy program "from its current location", "open" or save to the local disk and execute it. If using Netscape, save to local disk and execute it.
  2. Select yes if a warning message appears
  3. Input a host name
  4. Select the SSH2 protocol and
  5. Select Open


Additional Information

Purdue University Licensed Software can be installed on Purdue student, faculty and staff owned machines.

Purdue Security downloads

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