Process for taking an ECN computer for off campus use

Upon looking over the Business Process set up for inventory tracking, we feel there are additional steps needed to close the loop with the IT process. The Business Process assumes that the equipment can move from location to location and still be functional – this is, unfortunately, not the case for desktops and workstations.

This KB Article describes the process in two steps, the Business Process (of requesting approval and inventorying the equipment), and then routing that information to ECN (if ECN supported equipment is desired to be taken off campus).

Two critical pieces of information:

  • ECN Linux machines may NOT be taken off campus
  • Students are NOT allowed to use Adobe products on ECN machines off campus (due to licensing issues)

In both cases, Remotely connecting to campus machines is the only way around this.

 Also, we are cautioning people working in a hybrid/rotational manner to carefully consider the on-campus ramifications of moving computers to a remote location before making a decision one way or the other. (For example, if you take a chair home, it won’t be on campus for you to use)

Please see the Notes section for additional information
Graduate Students, pay close attention to the Adobe information

Business Process:

This process is needed whether or not the equipment is ECN supported

Fill out the Property Accounting form for all accessories you plan to take that cost above $100 (monitors, PCs, headsets, etc). This form is inside your SAP employee profile in Success Factors. This is a two part process.

1. You get your Division Number and Department Code from SAP Employee Portal, and then
2. Fill out the Off Campus Property Accounting form in another tile in called SAP Fiori.

More information:

ECN Process:

This process is for machines that ECN supports

  1. Send us the email approving equipment to be taken off campus (easiest method is to copy-paste the email into a new ticket):
  2. Once you send us the email with supervisor authorization for taking the equipment off campus, we will reach out to you to schedule a time when we can re-image your PC for off campus use. ECN machines will not work correctly off campus without being configured as such
  3. We will collect information about your needs (webcam? Ethernet cable of length ___ feet? Wifi dongle, if your router's ethernet port is not available?)
  4. We will schedule a time for the re-image, and figure out a drop-off/pickup schedule with you. Expect a 6 hour downtime. If needed, ask for a machine to RDP into in the meantime



  • IMPORTANT: ECN Linux boxes may NOT be taken off campus. Use ssh and X11 forwarding to do your work.
  • If you are working in a hybrid/rotational mode, consider leaving your machine on campus and RDP'ing from home.
  • Graduate students: Adobe products are NOT AVAILABLE for use off campus. You must RDP into a campus machine to use Adobe titles. This includes Acrobat for PDF editing
  • We have a very small crew on campus, so please help us help you - please be patient, and adhere to all social distancing requirements
  • We will not be making house calls - all assistance will be delivered remotely
  • We suggest you have the webex meetings app installed on your phone if you need assistance at home -


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