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Procedures for when One Leaves Engineering, Technology or EVPRP/DP

Moving to another position at the University, or leaving Purdue?
This article is for Faculty and Staff leaving Purdue. 

Retiring? If you are an Official Retiree, your email continues to go to Office365, but you lose other Office365 access (OneDrive, Sharepoint, ability to install the Office Suite on a personal machine, etc). If you will be Faculty Emeritus, your full Office365 access remains intact. You do  lose access to

If you are planning to leave a department or unit supported by ECN, what should you do to prepare and make sure that your successor has all the information they would need to make the transition smooth?

Different regulations apply for different circumstances: (1) If you transfer to another department, different rules apply to your data, email, and account compared to if you are no longer an employee at Purdue. (2) Circumstances surrounding your departure may be very different. Some people know months in advance that they will be leaving, some know only a few weeks in advance. This document attempts to collect process flow to assist you with this process. We'll address individual paths in sections below.

NOTE: All data and email that are on ECN servers are the property of Purdue University. We're merely trying to make sure that we treat you and your data considerately, and that we behave professionally and respectfully with your documents and email. 

Moving away from Purdue?

First off, you might want to ask for help in creating an Out-of-office message with your new contact information, and/or who should be contacted in your group in your absence.

Second, make sure you turn over all work related data in and Onedrive to your colleagues or faculty advisor - since you will lose access to that right away. Details on Box licensing can be found at:

If you've used your account for work, and don't have anything personal in there, you can authorize us to copy all your data and email over to your successor. (On the other hand, If you have a mix of personal and work related data in your email and documents, the steps in the next section might be more applicable to you)

If you are a graduate student - please arrange for your research data to be turned over to your advisor.

Typically, if you are leaving the university, your account goes away on a certain cycle;
(1) If you're staff, it usually goes away one month after your last paycheck;
(2)  If you’re a grad student your account usually goes away 3 months after you graduate.
(3)  If you're faculty, it depends on factors like whether you still have students here, or whether you're adjunct. For example, if the Business Office has processed paperwork for you to be classified as adjunct, or emeritus/emerita; your account remains active until that classification ends.

Continued access to Purdue University resources such as email depend on you (and your supervisor) working with the Business Office to keep such access after your official last day, and typically involves your supervisor asking the Business Office to submit a form called a Request for Privileges or R4P.

IMPORTANT: Please make arrangements to return all Purdue owned equipment to your department - work with your Business Office to make sure all paperwork is filled out.


Moving to another organization at Purdue? 

If you are going to continue being a Purdue employee, the kinds of things you have to think about are typically limited to your data (documents and files) and your email. The easiest way to prepare for a transition is to contact us to help you with the following two things:

1. Create a new folder in your home directory clearly marked "For My Successor".
2. Create a new folder in your email similarly marked. Outlook users might create a PST file; Thunderbird users might create a folder containing folders.

Drag the appropriate content into these locations, and let us know when we should move this content to your supervisor's account, or a share drive.

Supervisor Access to Employee files

There are many reasons why a supervisor might need access to an ex-employee's files, but HR places restrictions on a supervisor's ability to request access to an employee's files.

If the person is still an active employee of the University, the easiest option is to obtain permission from the person. Failing this, the request has to be approved by both the Executive Director of ECN as well as the Head of the School or the Dean. It also helps if a specific file or files are requested by name, thereby making the process easier.

If the person is no longer an active employee, then the supervisor can request permission from the ex-employee and have them forward such permission into the appropriate work queues. If the ex-employee is not reachable, access to the files is still possible, but contingent upon the approval of the Executive Director of ECN.

Please note that some categories of files may still not be released if it appears that they contain personal information. These require far more stringency, and are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Again, the easiest method is to obtain email permission from the ex-employee, or the Executive Director of ECN as well as the Head or Dean.

If you have questions, please contact the Executive Director of ECN directly by email or phone.


RIF Status? Employee terminations?

RIF Status and Termination rules are handled by HR, and our ability to assist is guided by HR. Again, the first preference is to obtain permission from the outgoing employee to turn over documents and/or emails to the supervisor or designate. RIF status employees, for instance, will have to maintain an email presence at the University as they apply for other positions at the University- while old work related emails need to be turned over to the old department. These situations require cooperation and consideration from all parties, and we're happy to make any transitions as smooth as possible.

Please note that every effort will be made to protect your privacy, but if you do not work at handing over email and data voluntarily, there is a chance that we may be asked to turn over your data without your knowledge or input. even in that case, we make every effort to parse things so you are as protected as possible. Consider, though, that data we turn over to your supervisor or successor might have personal information that we inadvertently overlooked.

General OneDrive Retention Note
When license is removed, It's a countdown to 93 days - after which the storage will get bumped down to  5GB.  Until then, messaging team can re-license temporarily and recover content by creating a link to their OneDrive folder in the 365 admin portal.

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