Installing a PaperCut Printer in Linux Mint 17.3 (Cinnamon)

  1. Click on Menu > Administration > Printers

    Linux Mint Cinnamon menu with administration and printers options highlighted
  2. Click the "Add' button.

    Linux Mint add printer interface
  3. Expand the "Network Printer" section and choose "LPD/LPR Host or Printer" from the left column and input the appropriate print server and spool name (contact ECN User & Desktop support for this information if needed). Click the "Forward" button.

    Linux Mint new printer dialog box
  4. Choose your manufacturer from the list. If you cannot find your manufacturer, you may need to download a driver from OpenPrinting ( and instead choose "Provide PPD file". Click the "Forward" button.

    Linux Mint printer driver picker
  5. Pick the model of your printer and then choose the driver with "(recommended)" in its name. Click the "Forward" button.

    Linux Mint printer model and driver selection screen
  6. Choose the installed options for your printer. Contact ECN User & Desktop Support if you need a listing of these settings (settings below are an example only). Click the "Foward" button.

    Linux Mint installed printer options picker
  7. Put in the appropriate name (typically the queue name from step 3), model, and location for your printer. Click the "Foward" button.
  8. You may now opt to print a test page (recommended). Contact ECN User & Desktop Support if your test page does not print.

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