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Encrypting a file signed by my secret key

Encrypting a file with your secret key means that you are the only person who can decrypt that file.
To encrypt type: pgp -se textfile -u your_userid

EXAMPLE: % pgp -se money -u jdoe ---> Will produce file 'money.pgp'


To decrypt:

When decrypting the above file, PGP will look for a match in signatures from the encrypted file and your public key. To decrypt type: pgp ciphertextfile. Ciphertextfile is the name of the file that is encrypted.

EXAMPLE: % pgp money.pgp ---> Will reproduce old file 'money'

Resources used for this FAQ:

Garfinkel, Simson. Encryption for Everyone: PGP Pretty Good Privacy. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1995. ISBN 1-56592-098-8.

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