OriginPro 8.5.X/8.6 Installation

Purdue University's licensing agreement with OriginLab accommodates
the installation and use of OriginPro 8.X on any Purdue-owned
computer, on computers owned by enrolled Purdue students, and on
computers owned by faculty and staff affiliated with Purdue University.

The license allows two different installation methods:

  1. Fixed systems with a persistent connections on a Purdue campus network.
  2. Portable computers (laptops) and "home" computers.

You can download the latest OriginPro software from:
under Visualization software.

Installation Instructions

The following instructions are for self-supported systems. If your system
was deployed and maintained by ECN then we will install the software on
your system. Go to:


and request the OriginPro software to be installed on your system.

After downloading the software from PULS double click
on the file to extract all the files to a directory. When complete
double click on the "autorun" file to start the installation.

When the Origin/OriginPro screen appears, click
on the "Install Product/Evaluation" button. Go through the
installation until you get to the "Install Product or Evaluation?"
screen. Select "Install Product (requires serial number)" and
click Next.

Complete the User Name (enter your name) and Company Name (use
"Purdue University") fields and then copy/paste the appropriate
Serial Number (see below), then click Next.

There are two different serial numbers for Purdue's OriginPro 8 license:

   1) For computers with persistent connections to the Purdue network,
      such as desktop machines on the academic campus or in residence
      hall rooms with Purdue network connections, use this number:

   2) For all others, such as laptop computers on which you'll use
      OriginPro while disconnected from the Purdue network or "home"
      computers without direct connections to the Purdue network, use:
      Note that to use this license you have to register with OriginLab
      via their web site as part of the licensing process.

If the information shown in the subsequent Registration Confirmation
window is correct, click Next to proceed with specifying the file
locations and OriginPro 8 components that you want to be installed.
When the Setup Complete window appears, select Finish.

The original downloaded installation image and extraction directory
can now be removed.

License Configuration

To configure your OriginPro license, be sure that you're connected to
the Internet and launch OriginPro.

Specify your desired user folder location, then click Next to advance
to the License Information screen.

The information requested on the License Information window depends
on the serial number that you entered earlier:

Network/Campus network license

Use the following data to fill in the fields:

FLEXlm Server:  marina.ecn.purdue.edu
TCP/IP Port:    1707

then click the Update button.

An Attention! window should appear asserting that "License file
successfully updated."

As an option you can choose to select "Help->Register on-line". This
will get you some benefits like support and on-line updates. If you
register you can then use the item "Help->Check for Updates..." to
keep your software up the date.

Portable and "Home" computers

When the "Registering and Obtaining a License File" window appears, select
"Get a license file online now.  This computer has internet access."

After you click OK, you should see a "Computer ID" window revealing your
unique Computer ID number and the serial number that you entered earlier.

When you click OK, an "Enter License" window will appear and your web browser
will go to the OriginLab web site and you'll need to register to obtain
the necessary license file.

OriginLab will honor requests for ipfw.edu, pnc.edu and purdue.edu
(including calumet.purdue.edu) addresses.

When your registration is completed, the web page will say "License Delivery
Restrictions". Use the following info:

Admin Code: 70593
E-Mail Fragment: @purdue.edu

Click on "Submit". The next page will generated a license. Copy that entire
string to the clipboard. Go back to your OriginPro application and paste
that string into the "Enter License" window. Click OK. You should be told
your license was accepted. Click "Go" and you should be licensed and ready
to use OriginPro v8.X.

Since you have registered select "Help->Check for Updates..."
This will download any additional updates since this software
was released.


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