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NX default preferences

NX1926 users can manually set their own environment variables to load and save NX Customer Default preferences and definitions in a non volatile location.  Since we no longer use roaming profiles, the use of a simple script and a mapped drive can allow users to maintain a consistent personalized environment across labs and domains.  Pre-configured user preferences can be provided to students.   Pre-configured site preferences can be deployed for lab installations and for use with AppsAnywhere.

Out-of-the-box, native NX stores Customer Defaults in the  %localappdata%\Siemens\NX1926  folder but  saved changes are not propagated across workstations. These defaults and preferences include hundreds of options, including units, display methods, line widths, colors, borders, etc.   Of particular interest are default file locations for loading/saving files and loading assemblies with reusable library parts. When an assembly is created with  reusable library parts, the default is to save the assembly in one place while the reusable parts are saved somewhere else. The default load assembly option is to look for the parts in the same folder as the assembly, but to work, load assembly needs to look for the parts "as saved". One could set NX to use "as saved", but the setting would be lost across workstations.

(The above examples involving libraries and assemblies are relevant for NX native mode.  In managed mode, where NX-Teamcenter Integration is used, the use of libraries and assemblies are different.  The use of environment variables for saving preferences is still valid for NX in either mode).

Upon launch, NX reads multiple ugii environment files in a set search order, most of which are in the NX install folder such as C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX1926\UGII. See the ugii_env_ug.dat file for a complete description. 

In this example the user sets  UGII_ENV_FILE = U:\NX\NXPrefs\ugii_env.dat  and creates the U:\NX\NXPrefs folders.

U:\NX\NXPrefs\ugii_env.dat contains:

UGII_LOCAL_USER_DEFAULTS="U:\NX\NXPrefs\NX_user.dpv"   <-- location of  customer defaults settings.

UGII_USER_PROFILE_DIR="U:\NX\NXPrefs"                                 <--  history, library configuration, and other files.             

UGII_LOAD_OPTIONS="U:\NX\NXPrefs\load_options.def"             <--  location of the assembly load options file.


The above settings thus override the use of the volatile %localappdata%\Siemens location.


 An ECN package NX-defaults-ME exists to set the location of a ugii_site_dir.  This utilizes an nx_site.dpv file to configure the location of a Teamcenter Machinery Libarary  and to disable  "Program Excellence Participation". 

 When used with  UGII_ENV_FILE = U:\NX\NXPrefs\ugii_env.dat,  example user .dpv and .def files can be copied from Beldin to configure the (native mode)  location of a ReuseLibraryFamilyMember folder, default location for storing NX .prt files, settings for a locally installed machinery library, and an assembly load_options.def file.  


NOTE: The following command can be your troubleshooting friend as it shows all of the variables that would be in effect upon launching NX:   "C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX1926\UGII\env_print.exe" -all


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