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The BoilerAD NX11 and NX12 package deployments differ slightly from the ECN Win 7 installation, but the basic functions are unchanged. The slight changes allow users to set their own persistent environment variables, if needed for course requirements.

The old "out-of-the-box" method kept user preferences (customer Defaults) in the volatile %localappdata%\Siemens\NX110 folder and changes were not saved across logouts. Preferences for reusable parts libraries and assembly load options could not be saved because the default save locations were read-only system folders.

Upon launch, NX reads multiple ugii environment files in a set search order, most of which are in the NX install folder such as C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 11.0\UGII. The old method relied on ugii_env.dat  to set a JAVA_HOME for NX. A login script created a (volatile) NXuser.dpv (Customer Default  file) which disabled an NX "Program Excellence Participation" setting.

The new method ignores the ugii_env.dat file in favor of a ugii_env.master file. The master file is read first in the search order and sets the NX JAVA_HOME variable and a UGII_SITE_DIR (such as UGII_SITE_DIR="C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 11.0\UGII") The UGII_SITE_DIR location has a "Startup" folder which contains an nxXXX_site.dpv file, which locks the disabling of "Program Excellence Participation".

The new BoilerAD packaged deployment thus sets the same variables and preferences by using the ugii_env.master and Startup files. A user can set their own personal preferences in their own ugii_env.dat file.

The following description of user preferences is also valid for non ECN deployed NX installations, including ITaP labs and personally owned machines. But first, a description of some out-of-the-box problems.

A serious flaw is that a user environment variable no longer follows the user from computer to computer!!!

The Customer Defaults and other  preferences that could not be saved across logouts include hundreds of options, including units, display methods, line widths, colors, borders, etc., etc., Of particular interest are default file locations for loading/saving files and loading assemblies with reusable library parts. When an assembly is created with reusable library parts, the default is to save the assembly in one place while the reusable parts are saved somewhere else. The default load assembly option is to look for the parts in the same folder as the assembly, but to work, load assembly needs to look for the parts "as saved". One could set NX to use "as saved", but the setting would be lost upon the next logout.

The solution is to use a personal ugii_env.dat file to set the variables needed to save customer defaults and preferences in a permanent location.  A ugii_env.dat file can be created and customized for a class that might want to use consistent preferences or use a shared "ReuseLibraryFamilyMember" parts folder.

The user sets their own environment variable  UGII_ENV_FILE = U:\NX\NXPrefs\ugii_env.dat  and creates the U:\NX\NXPrefs folders.

(The above and below are examples. One can use any appropriate drive and folders.)

U:\NX\NXPrefs\ugii_env.dat contains:

UGII_LOCAL_USER_DEFAULTS="U:\NX\NXPrefs\NX110_user.dpv"                             UGII_USER_PROFILE_DIR="U:\NX\NXPrefs"                                             UGII_LOAD_OPTIONS="U:\NX\NXPrefs\load_options"


The above settings override the use of the volatile %localappdata%\Siemens location.

UGII_LOCAL_USER_DEFAULTS sets the location of the NX110_user.dpv customer defaults settings. UGII_USER_PROFILE_DIR sets the location of history, library configuration, and other files.                       UGII_LOAD_OPTIONS sets the location of the assembly load options file.

NOTE: The following command can be your troubleshooting friend as it shows all of the variables that would be in effect upon launching NX:   "C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 11.0\UGII\env_print.exe" -all

Se additional documentation and sample files in \\beldin\software\NX\environ_variables


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