NUCL 115

NUCL room 115 is a computer lab for Nuclear Engineering students and others who have been granted permission by the school to use the facility. These computers are available:

  • 14 Windows XP-based computers
  • one Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 computer

All are ECN-supported computers; ECN accounts are required.


Software installed on NUCL 115's Windows computers

Please note that software installed on these computers is subject to change based on license availability, compatibility issues, and other factors. Software versions may be updated from time to time when newer licenses are purchased by the University, the College of Engineering, or Nuclear Engineering. 

  • Adobe Reader
  • Catia
  • Firefox
  • Fortran
  • IrFanView
  • Mathematica
  • MathType
  • Matlab
  • Microsoft Office
  • Miktex
  • Origin
  • PDFcreator
  • Python
  • SecureCRT
  • SecureFX
  • Tecplot
  • TeXnicCenter
  • Thunderbird
  • Visual Studio
  • Xming
  • 7zip

(Other miscellaneous apps and utilities are not shown here.)


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