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Microsoft Teams at Purdue

Status of Microsoft Teams at Purdue

ECN Staff: See for technical details and internal processes

UPDATE: As of 18th Dec, 2020, Faculty or Staff can create an MS Team inside the client - please use the naming conventions described below. If you need assistance, start by contacting ECN. Students should request a Team through their advisor/Faculty/Staff supervisor.

The following disclaimers are not intended to scare you, but we need to clearly communicate the limitations of the MS Teams Environment at Purdue.

MS Teams at Purdue is available for small groups to use as a means of collaboration and communication, but the following caveats apply:

  1. The requestor of the MS Teams Team is responsible for internal support questions and membership adjustments.
  2. There is no automated way to keep a group up to date based on status, title or other memberships. All group member changes must be done by the administrator of the Team (See Tips and Tricks section for help with this)
  3. Copies of any documents that are shared inside of Teams must be saved in a space that is backed up by ECN if you wish to retrieve copies. ECN is UNABLE TO RESTORE LOST DATA FROM AN MS TEAMS INSTANCE
  4. MS Teams instances are NOT APPROVED for storage of Sensitive or Restricted data. Storing Proprietary/intellectual property data on Teams is at your own risk. Please discuss your individual share and storage needs with ECN, we'd be happy to help you choose.
  5. If you are using another instance of Teams, and the Purdue instance does not behave similarly, do not expect a quick or timely fix
  6. Inactive Teams teams are automatically deleted after some time (13 months). We cannot retrieve data from such Teams
  7. For support, ITAP has created a web page of resources at  - If you have specific questions, start with ECN's ContactUs page, and we may need to refer you to ITaP if the questions need additional assistance.
  8. Adding phone calling is available at additional charge(s): see for details.

Name(s) following the naming convention below:


Caveat: If you plan to have many Teams, then using this naming convention might not be a good method (since the trailing end of the name gets truncated on most monitors). In this case, you might want to reverse the convention.

If you wish us to create your Team for you, we will need the following information to create your Team(s):

Requestor (you) and any additional owners you would like.  You can also add owners yourself.

Is this a Staff (includes Faculty, Staff but no Students) or Class account?  While those are the two types most likely to be needed there are two other types: PLC and Other.  A breakdown of the differences can be seen here: Before creating a new Team, you may want to familiarize yourself with the four types available to Education tenants, and what comes with each type of Team.  A table view of the four types with permissions and features can be seen here: Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Once a request is submitted we will reply if additional information is needed or to let you know the Team(s) has been created.

Known Issues:

Issues with the Teams Outlook Add-In:

The Outlook add-in for Teams, that allows one to schedule a Teams Meeting from within the Outlook app, is not very stable. If it disappears from your Outlook app at any point, we can attempt to re-install it, but the success rate is very low. Forum graveyards are littered with unsuccessful attempts. You may have some success by following the steps at - If that doesn't help, the only workaround to this is to use Outlook online at Create a New Event, and use the drop down menu for "Add Online Meeting" to choose Teams.

Issues reported of not being able to add someone to a team:

This is usually because the Student/Staff/Faculty 0365 account and\or mail is NOT enabled.  They will need to enable their Office 365 account and have mail forwarding to O365.

The user should go to:
Login using Purdue username and password. It will prompt for Purdue Login 2FA.

On that page check - Office 365 Status -  likely needs to be enabled

Change Mailbox can be found in the same area
Make sure it is set it to Purdue Office 365 Email

* the student can then login to Office 365 mail and set a forward from there if
needed. When they forward at the directory level their account does not get
the necessary license needed for Teams.

Issues adding someone with a non-Purdue email to a team (guests):

When adding a non-Purdue email person to a team (as a guest) the owner adds the email and an invite will be sent.  If there isn't a Microsoft account affiliated with the email then the recipient will be prompted to create one by Microsoft before they can join the Team.  If they already have a Microsoft account (including Office 365), they will need to use the invite link to allow Purdue to access basic account info.  Once they've done this, the owner can add them to the team.

These users will appear as guests and will have a subset of features available.  The guest experience is explained in detail here:

Issues with "Failed to upload" Teams meeting recording:

When a Teams meeting has been set to record the meeting (via meeting settings), it will attempt to upload the video to Microsoft Share or OneDrive for Business after the meeting is over. However, if this upload fails for whatever reason, it will not reattempt the upload. The user will see the video in the meeting's chat but be unable to download it, share it, or otherwise interact with it. It will just say "Failed to upload". It will not appear in the host's OneDrive or Microsoft Share and it will be deleted from any Purdue servers in 21 days. The user can retrieve the copy stored on Purdue servers by using this website:

(1) Click the sign-on button and login with Purdue Career account
(2) Input the URL from the meeting that failed to upload
(3) Run the test

View the test results and open all the details (by clicking the arrows) that had errors. The very last one should contain a link to download the video from Purdue servers. It has instructions on how to download it from that link.

Issues with Teams meeting not opening by clicking the calendar link:

Open the calendar item by double-clicking, and click the link embedded in the BODY of the item, as opposed to the "Join now" or "Online Location" fields in the pop-up. This has a high chance of success.

Failing the above, copying the link and pasting it into a browser window seems to work all the time.

Tips and Tricks

Adding many users to a Team via a link:

Multiple users can be allowed to join a Team by generating a link. In the Team page left click on the three dots next to the Team name, in the menu that appears select to "Get Link To The Team" and you can copy that link to share with anyone you want to have access to your Team. 

Adding many users to a Team via a Code:

You can also generate a code that people can enter from within MS Teams to join your Team. In the Team page left click on the three dots next to the Team name, in the menu that appears select to "Manage Team" and then select "Settings" from the menu bar that appears.  In the Settings menu is an option "Team Code" that you can click on to generate a code to share.

Adding many users to a Team with Power Automate:

The following article on Medium from a Program Manager for Microsoft Teams shows how to use Power Automate to add a large group of users: Adding bulk users from a .csv or Excel file to a Microsoft Teams team with Power Automate (this link goes to

Teams "Cheat Sheet"

Purdue's College of Education uses MS Teams heavily, and have come up with a very handy cheat sheet that covers the following topics:

  • Download Teams on any device
  • Configuring the look & feel of Teams
  • Screenshots for navigating around Teams
  • Template wording for a channel meeting invitation
  • Teams app for smartphones / tablets -screenshots
  • How to start a Chat or Video call with any user or group
  • How to request a new channel
  • Schedule a meeting and invite attendees(in Teams)
  • Schedule a meeting in Office 365 (software or online)
  • Having video or audio problems?
  • How to set a custom background image
  • How to create a poll in a meeting

The Document can be found at:

Please make sure you reach out to ECN and not EdIT for assistance if you are an ECN constituent!

Breakout Rooms and other features:

Features available for Organizer:

  • Breakout room setup on Teams desktop client
  • Create breakout rooms in scheduled private meetings (including recurring) and private meet now meetings
  • Meeting organizers can manage rooms and hop between rooms freely
  • Setup breakout rooms during an active meeting
  • Create up to 50 breakout rooms in a single meeting
  • Add, remove, delete breakout rooms
  • Rename rooms to the title of your choice
  • Reassign room participants from one room to another before as well as while the rooms are open
  • Room transition: as an organizer, you can decide if participants get moved to the room automatically when you open the room, or, if they need to click to confirm the move. The “auto-accept” setting is available per meeting.
  • Send an announcement that will show up as a meeting chat message in each room.
  • Chats, files, and recordings: only the organizer will always have access to all rooms meeting artifacts

Features available for the participants:

  • Join breakout rooms from web, desktop, iOS, iPads, Android mobiles and tablets. Note that organizers cannot move participants who joined via Desk phones or Teams devices join to a breakout room, they can stay in main meeting as their breakout room.
  • Participants join the room as presenters, so they can present, share Whiteboard, etc. freely.
  • Participants cannot add others to meeting chat, copy meeting details, nudge others to the meeting, or use “call me back”
  • Hopping between rooms: Meeting participants cannot hop back to main meeting or between rooms on their own. They must wait for the meeting organizer to pull them back to the main meeting.
  • Chat during the breakout session. Chat and artifacts shared during meeting are viewable for room participants.
  • Chats, files, and recordings: Participants have access to artifacts, but only organizer has access to the links – if link is shared by meeting organizer, then participants will have access
  • Multi-device join: breakout room is not supported when the participant joins the same meeting and same account from multiple devices


Where and when can I set up breakout rooms?

  • You can set up breakout rooms after you join the meeting as the organizer. You can bulk create rooms at the start, or manually add or remove rooms.
  • You can set up breakout rooms from desktop client, but not in mobile and web.
  • We plan to enable the ability for you to set up breakout rooms before the meeting very soon.

When can I assign participants to breakout room?

  • You can assign participant when you are setting up the rooms. You can do so manually before the rooms open or reassign participants to a different room while the room is open.

You can also auto-assign the participants to rooms when you first set up the rooms in the meeting.

Additional Breakout Room Information


The Basics in Videos from Microsoft

How to use Microsoft Teams (20 minutes)

How to join a Teams Meeting (3 minutes)


Microsoft Teams Online Training and Resources in Higher Education

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Microsoft Teams Help Center

Teams Adoption Guidance

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Educator Center – Online Teams Courses



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IT Professional Resources:

Welcome to Teams

Admin Training for Microsoft Teams

Quick Start – Microsoft Teams for Education Admins

Scripting uploads: Go into the Azure portal and sign in. Click Azure active directory > groups and search for the group you created in Stream (or Teams). Click the members link on the left to list the group members and you’ll see a bulk activities dropdown appear in the upper toolbar. Click that and select import members. It’ll give you the option to download a CSV template. Put everyone’s Purdue email addresses into that template then upload.


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