Microsoft Planner at Purdue

Status of Microsoft Planner at Purdue


The following disclaimers are not intended to scare you, but we need to clearly illustrate the non-production nature of the MS Planner Environment..

MS Planner at Purdue is considered NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE. It is available for small groups to use as a means of collaboration and communication, but the following caveats apply:

  1. There is NO SUPPORT on campus for MS Planner problems - either at ITaP or at ECN.
  2. The requestor of the MS Planner Plan is responsible for all support, questions and membership adjustments.
  3. There is no automated way to keep a group up to date based on status, title or other memberships. All group member changes must be done by the administrator of the Plan.
  4. Copies of any documents that are shared inside of Planner must be saved in a space that is backed up by ECN if you wish to retrieve copies. ECN is UNABLE TO RESTORE LOST DATA FROM AN MS Planner INSTANCE
  5. MS Planner instances are NOT APPROVED for storage of Sensitive or Restricted data. Storing Proprietary/intellectual property data on Planner is at your own risk.
  6. If you are using another instance of Planner, and the Purdue instance does not behave similarly, do not expect a quick or timely fix.
  7. Inactive Planner Plans are automatically deleted after some time (12 months, perhaps?). We cannot retrieve data from such Plans

A lot of this stems from the fact that Purdue's use of Microsoft products is set up in what can be described as a hybrid mode, and moving all Purdue services to an environment that Microsoft expects is a significant challenge.

If all of the above are OK and you are Faculty or Staff (students should request a Plan through their advisor), you can proceed to request a MS Plan by contacting ECN.

We will need the following information to create your Plan(s):  Plan Name

Informational sites (how to add/remove members):


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