Microsoft MFA hard token

Process for procuring and setting up a hard token for Microsoft MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication):


1. Hard tokens can be ordered from the website below (suggest shipping directly to the end user if possible)

Note: ECN will not pay for these tokens, they will need to be purchased by you personally or through your Business Office. From what we understand, neither will ITaP.

ECN can assist with the following steps, once the token is received.

2. The purchaser should receive two emails: one with the encrypted 'seed key' and one with a password to decrypt the key. These will both need to be provided to IT Infrastructure Services so they can enter the seed into the Purdue Azure instance (share the seed key via Purdue Filelocker) (Exact process: Email with an ATTN: ITAP_collaboration team)

3. Also send the serial number from the hard token to Collaboration (So three emails/pieces of information in all)

4. Once the token has been entered into Azure by Infrastructure Services, they will need a code from the token at the time it is activated.

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