MATLAB Licensing & Toolboxes

MATLAB from MathWorks is a versatile platform and programming language for solving engineering and scientific problems with built-in graphics capabilities to visualize and gain insights from data and a large library of prebuilt toolboxes and algorithms for a variety of domains. It is used for machine learning, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, communications, computational finance, control design, robotics, and more.

For a detailed description of MATLAB, see the MathWorks website:


The current license provides unlimited access to all MathWorks products.

Preferred method: Use MATLAB online at:
You need to create a account using your email address to access it.  This license may be used for both classwork as well as academic research.

Local installation:

Go to the link above, set up a Mathworks account with your email, and download and install the software.

If you have already installed the temporary license, update your license by going to "Help -> Licensing -> Update Current Licenses"  A full install requires about 30 GB of disk space.


A complete list of  toolboxes are described at the MathWorks website: - All toolboxes are included with the current license.

The specific toolboxes available varies between MATLAB versions.  You can get a list of installed toolboxes by running the "ver" command in MATLAB (at the >> prompt.)

If you need a specific toolbox that is not available, contact ECN

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