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At-Home Use of MATLAB

Updated 9/18/2020: Purdue has a contract with Mathworks that is working its way through the system. This page is now obsolete, and points to for further information, and will redirect there in 5 seconds.


Updated 9/1/2020: Mathworks is in talks with Purdue to extend the campus wide license until 2021 - Please watch this space for additional information as this unfolds.
In light of the increased demand for remote learning due to COVID-19, MathWorks has made temporary at-home access to MATLAB available to Purdue.  Active students and faculty at the University can download and install MATLAB (and the entire catalog of MATLAB Toolboxes) to their personally owned computers for remote learning until Aug 31st, 2020.  After this date, the temporary at-home license for MATLAB will expire, and Purdue students and faculty will no longer be able to use MATLAB under this offering.  As the situation evolves, however, MathWorks may update the expiration date so that Purdue users can continue their learning with MATLAB remotely. 
Preferred method: Running Matlab Web
By far the best solution, given that Matlab is a 30+ Gb download, and installation can be tricky.
Active Purdue students and faculty can run a temporarily-licensed copy of MATLAB on their personally owned computers by using the following link:
Individuals should review the page, scroll down, and click on the Sign in to get started button.  Most users will need to create a MathWorks account using their Purdue e-mail address by clicking on the Create Account link just under the sign-in boxes. 
If the individual already has a MathWorks account using their Purdue e-mail, they can sign in.  If they have created an account using another e-mail, they will need to establish a new MathWorks account with the Purdue e-mail to take advantage of this offer. 
On the Create MathWorks Account page, the user should type in their Purdue e-mail address to get access to download and activate MATLAB for temporary home-use.  A green checkmark will appear to confirm that the e-mail address provided is valid for this offer.  Once all the information in the user’s profile is completed, they should click on the Create button.
Download and Installation
The creation of the Mathworks account is the same as above, but after the account is created, you will then be able to download the MATLAB installer on the computer where they plan to activate and the software.  The computer will need to maintain a connection to the Internet during download, installation, and activation of the software. 
Transition Existing Installs of MATLAB to Temporary License
If an individual already has MATLAB installed and wishes to transition to this temporary license, they simply need to make sure they’ve created their MathWorks account as described above and re-run their MATLAB installer.  They will be able to select the temporary Campus-Wide License and then install any additional Toolboxes that are now available.  MATLAB should then pull down the proper license from the individual’s MathWorks account that is associated with Purdue.
Once the temporary MATLAB license expires, the user will need to re-activate their previous license by clicking on Help in the toolbox, selecting Licensing, and finally Activate software.





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