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Printing: Adding a Canon Printer in Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger

Users with Canon printers, including Canon imageRUNNER printers and copiers, can print to those devices from OS X 10.4.x Tiger. (Support for OS X previous to 10.4.x Tiger is provided by Apple and Canon but these instructions are based on a 10.4.x Tiger environment.) To create the connection, you will need to download and install drivers for your printer or copier from Canon and set up the printer using Apple's Printer Setup Utility.

Canon provides a common driver for many imageRUNNER models, including the following:

  • imageRUNNER C3100, C3170i, C3170U, C5800, C6800, 105, 105+, 2230, 2830, 2870, 2270, 3300, 2800, 2200, 3300i, 3320G, 3320i, 2220i, 3320N, 2220N, 3530, 4570, 3570, 5000i, 6000, 5000, 6020, 5020, 6020i, 5020i, 6570, 5570, 7200, 8070, 85, 8500, 85+ and 9070
  • Color imageRUNNER C2620, C3200, C3220

For the most up-to-date list of supported models, check the PDF that comes with the driver.

Installation Instructions

Download the installer and run it; it will require all other applications to close, and then for you to restart the machine after the installation is complete. It will also ask you to authenticate at the beginning of the installation; you will need an administrator account to install these drivers. Note: For Leopard systems the instructions below are roughly accurate, but the driver is different, go here for the Leopard driver.

Screenshot of PS Installer window on Mac.


Once the software is installed, you can create a new printer in OS X by selecting Print & Fax in the System Preferences, available from the Apple menu or in /Applications/Utilities

Screenshot of the Hardware section of Mac's System Preferences window.


After you click on Print & Fax, click the "+" button to add a printer. 

Screenshot of the "+" button in Mac's Print & Fax window.

The Printer Setup Utility application will open. At the bottom of the window click More Printers...

Screenshot of the "More Printers" button on Mac's Printer Setup Utility window.


The popup menu at the top of the new window allows you to select the protocol. Click it and select Canon IP (PS), then type in the printer's IP address. 

Screenshot of Mac's protocol and IP address selection window.

Click Add. The printer information will be automatically gathered and you will now see the printer listed in the Print & Fax preference pane. 

Screenshot of Mac's Print & Fax preference window.

You can add additional Canon printers by repeating the steps that follow the driver installation.

Enabling Job Accounting

Some departments have enabled job accounting on their Canon printers, requiring users to supply an account number and numeric password to print. To enable job accounting, first enter the print dialog of any application. This can usually be triggered with the command-P keyboard command or by selecting "Print..." from the File menu. 

Screenshot of Mac's Print dialog window.

Next, select "Special Features" from the third pop-up list; when you first see the print dialog it will say "Copies & Pages". 

Screenshot of Mac's Copies & Pages dropdown list in the Print dialog window.

Towards the bottom of the window find and click the Job Accounting... button to bring up the job accounting dialog. 

Screenshot of Mac's Special Features window (from Print dialog window).

Enter the account number and password in the new dialog box. (To obtain your account number and password please contact your administrative assistant or site specialist.) Click OK to save your changes. 

Screenshot of ID/Password window for Job Accounting.


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