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MacOS ITaP HomeDirectory empty

MacOS users who find their ITaP drive empty:


SSH to

Use your career account login, and password

Type this command at the prompt:

     ls -lasth

Look over the output. You should notice some familiar file and directory names.

Look for any symlinks -  ones that have an arrow, and resemble something like this:

    lrwxrwxrwx  1 sundeep ecnuser   15 Jan 16  2013 pcprefs -> pchome/.pcprefs

In some cases, the item that the arrow is pointing to might blink.

If you see this, type the following commands:

     mkdir RescuedLinks

and then the mv command, with the name to the left of the arrow. In our example above, that's the word pcprefs: like so:

     mv pcprefs RescuedLinks/

Repeat for any other symlinks that you may find.

Type exit to end your session, and try to connect to your ITaP homedirectory again.

Advanced users:

This behavior could be caused by symlinks in other parts of the folder structures as well. To find those, you would need to do this:

      find . -type l -ls

You may need to either move these, or maybe even unlink these files (those are all lowercase Ls)

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