Locked Exchange account after password change

There are usually three things that can cause access to your Exchange email to get locked after a password change.

  1. The password does not propagate correctly (can affect anyone)

  2. The account is getting locked out because some device has a remembered old email password and is attempting to access your mail with the old password (can affect anyone with an ITaP Exchange account and multiple devices checking email)

  3. You have an ITaP-maintained share mapped from a non-ITaP maintained resource (such as a laptop or an ECN machine) that still has the old password remembered (can affect anyone with an ITaP-maintained data share)

In most cases, the likely suspect is #2. The way to confirm/fix this is to log into your desktop if possible, turn off Outlook there. Turn off Outlook on your laptop. Put your phone, or iPad into Airplane mode, or turn it off. Wait fifteen minutes for it to auto-unlock your account. Check by trying to log into the web access portal at https://one.purdue.edu/task/all/webmail. If it is now unlocked, then you know one of your devices is locking you out. If you are away from your desk, and it is a supported machine, you may either Remote Desktop into your machine, or ask us to reboot it remotely for you.

At that point, you can turn on the devices (or Outlook on those devices) one by one, and see which causes the issue.

In the case that it is #3, the process is similar. Unmap the ITaP share, wait 15 minutes, test.

In the case that it is #1, you may need to refer to http://eng.purdue.edu/jump/ad7ce and use the "old fashioned" way of changing your password -- by using ssh to your homeserver and using the passwd command.

If you still have issues, call the ITaP CSC at 765.494.4000 - they might be able to help pinpoint the issue. You can always contact us for help via: http://purdue.edu/ecn/contactus.

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