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Command Line Printing: Printing Text Files as PostScript With Enscript

On a BSD-compatible system, to convert and print the text file myfile.txt to printer ps99 without a banner page, you would enter at the Unix prompt:

enscript -Pps99 -h myfile.txt

To make a PostScript file of the text file myfile.txt and save it as, you would enter:

enscript myfile.txt

To redirect the output of enscript as input for another command, append another dash to the -p option, for example:

enscript -2rG -p- myfile.txt | psduplex | lpr -Pps99 -h

This will convert myfile.txt into a two-column, rotated PostScript file with a large header, send it through the psduplex filter to print on both sides of the paper, and finally print the result without a banner page to the printer named ps99.

For more information about enscript, read its man page by entering the following:

man enscript

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