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Using Web View in Keynote 09

Keynote's Web View is a way to embed live or static web pages into a keynote presentation. If you are using an earlier version of Keynote, through '08, you can embed web pages by selecting Insert > Web View. This has been removed from Keynote 09.


Keynote 09 web view instructions:

Download the following file. This is a single-slide keynote presentation with a web view element that was created in Keynote 08. Opening it in Keynote 09 lets us reuse the element.



Open the file in Keynote 09, and it will load the current Apple homepage.

Apple Homepage in Keynote 09

The web page is now a web view element which you can resize, move, copy and paste to another document, and change the settings of.

Click the Inspector button at the top of the window and select the hyperlink tab to change the URL that you want displayed. Make sure "Update automatically" is selected for kiosk operation.


Select Update Automatically

The keynote presentation will now display your selected web page when viewed. All normal slide transitions, timings, and animations apply. You can make the embedded site fill the entire display, or have multiple web selections displayed at once on the same slide.

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