ITaP Mac Webex installer never finishes


The current ITaP installer for Webex for Mac will not complete on a Mac where Webex has never been installed/used previously. This seems to be caused because the Webex client installer cannot create an Internet Plug-Ins folder in the current user's Library folder. The lack of this folder causes the installer to fail to complete, and subsequently Webex will not work. 


Now the solution(until the installer is modified to fix this first time user issue)...

Close all open applications.

Go to the Finder...

Press/hold option and Click on the Go menu and locate the Library folder(release button). If the Library folder is not visible, Click on the Go menu and choose "Go To Folder", and type in ~/Library

When the Library folder opens hit these three keys(Shift command n) a new untitled folder should appear in the finder window.

Locate the untitled folder and rename it to Internet Plug-Ins (copy and paste this name if needed).

Rerun the Webex installer from ITaP and you should find the application completes successfully from this point.


If this does not solve your issue please send a trouble report through your site using

Be thorough in filling this out so we have reliable methods in which to contact you for help.




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