What IP Settings Should I Use With My Computer?

When you are configuring your own PC on the ECN network, you will need to obtain an IP address from your Site Specialist.
The following information pertains to the proper TCP/IP settings for your PC with a static IP address

Subnet Mask: Always use the subnet mask

Gateway: Use 128.46.xxx.1 - where xxx matches the 3rd set of numbers in your IP address.
For example, if your IP is, the Gateway would be

DNS Servers: Set three values for the DNS servers. The these values in the following order.

  • (harbor.ecn.purdue.edu)
  • (ns.purdue.edu)
  • (ns2.purdue.edu)

WINS Servers: Use the following address for WINS service.

  • Flip a coin: (heads) Primary:, Secondary:
  •                  or (tails)  Primary:, Secondary:

DNS Suffix Search Order (Optional): Use the following suffixes.

  • ecn.purdue.edu
  • purdue.edu
  • tech.purdue.edu
  • itap.purdue.edu
  • central.purdue.lcl

Firewall settings to address Pings:

Make sure you disable ping suppression so that we don't inadvertently give away your IP address to someone else!

Windows 7: http://www.sysprobs.com/enable-ping-reply-windows-7

Windows 8: http://www.sysprobs.com/how-to-enable-ping-reply-response-in-windows-8-simple-steps

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